The fastest, safest answer for versatile, multiple position workholding.

Once positioned there is NO movement, hands are free to operate drill press

  • Fixtures easily aligned and locked in place; they will not turn, twist or lift
  • Safety guaranteed, no danger of whirling chips or of fixture flying off the table
  • Use one fixture setup for multiple spindle operations
  • Readily adapts to existing tooling and fixtures
  • Chips automatically pushed aside assuring good table contact
  • Can be mounted in pairs for long work and double fixtures
  • Optional Air-Ride available for positioning heavy objects
  • Bar mounted safety table moves in every direction; no matter what position the table slides to it can NOT turn, twist or lift
  • Hands kept out of the danger zone and away from flying chips

SLIDE-LOX Safety Table Model # Table Length (inches) Table Width (inches) Cross Travel (inches) Height (inches) Standard Bar Length* (inches) Bar Diameter (inches) Weight (lbs)
6R-SLB 9-1/2 6 6 2-1/8 14 3/4 11
6B-SLB 9-1/2 6 5-1/4 2-1/2 14 3/4 13
8R-SLB 10-3/4 8 7 2-1/2 18 3/4 18
8B-SLB 10-3/4 8 6-1/4 3-1/2 18 1 26
*Longer bar lengths available

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